F/Kettlebells Plan


F/Kettlebells is for busy individuals who don’t have to go to the gym. F/Kettlebells allows you to get great results in the comfort of your own home, using just 1x kettlebell & your body wright to get the job done. You never have to worry about missing a workout or not having time to work out.



F/Kettlebells includes 7x 30 minute multi-level fitness full body workouts providing a fitness solution that will allow you to…..

  • Workout at home
  • Workout with any intensity you want
  • Workout using any exercise you want
  • Workout your full body during every workout
  • Train cardio without a treadmill or a cross trainer
  • Torch body fat
  • Stimulate lean muscle tissue
  • Improve posture
  • Bolster fitness levels


Begin your F/Kettlebells journey today.

Get fit at home & never miss a workout with the F/Kettlebells plan today.

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