The F/Strength Plan

The UK’s Number One strength plan that delivers.

What is the F/Strength Plan?

The F/strength is a downloadable training program for men & women who are serious about improving strength & building muscle.

If you are for ready for the challenge of becoming the strongest version of yourself & sculpting a body you can be proud of, look no further.


The F/Strength plan secret is the effective programming of upper & lower body focused workouts, specifically designed to bolster strength & promote new muscle gainz.

The plan includes 4x weight sessions per week, centred around growing stronger in the big four lifts; squat, bench press, deadlift & overhead press.

F/Strength also offers warm up & cool down protocols, exercises demonstrations, lifting tempo guidelines, progressive overload techniques & more.

Blueprint Template.

What makes this program so unique is the inclusion of the blueprint template used to design the plan. The template is the key to the plan’s success & outlines exercises selection, allowing you to substitute in exercises to keep you progressing.

Begin your F/Strength journey today.

Transform your body & become the strongest version of yourself, with the F/Strength plan today.