The F12 Plan

The UK’s number one fitness plan that works.

What is the F12 Plan?

The F12 plan is a downloadable fitness and nutrition plan for men and woman of all fitness levels who want to get fit, burn fat and build a lean physique.

If you are ready to commit to making some positive changes in your lifestyle, you will transform your body and become a healthier, fitter, stronger, leaner more confident you.


You will get nutritional advice complete with a meal guides. These include delicious nutritious meals & snack ideas such as low fat fruit smoothies, protein and nut oats, chicken noodles, veg stir fry and many more.


The F12 plan secret is the cutting-edge combination of full body resistance training and HIIT conditioning style workouts, will torch fat and sculpt lean muscle to shape your body. The plan consists of three four week cycles, varying in exercise selection, tempo, and the amount of time you work and rest. So each workout feels like a whole new experience.


The proofs in the plan.

Begin your F12 journey today.

Transform your body and become a healthier, fitter, stronger, leaner more confident you with the F12 plan today.




Frequently Asked Questions.

How long should I hold each stretch for?

Hold each stretch for 20-30s prior and post workout

How long should I foam roll for?

Foam roll each muscle group for 1-2 minutes prior and post workout

How many warm up sets do I preform?

Preform 1-2 warm up sets of 10 repetitions per exercise, gradually increase weight to working weight

I don’t have enough time to complete the additional conditioning, it that ok?

Yes that’s fine, save your energy for the conditioning workouts

How long should you rest between HIIT training intervals?

Rest 90 to 120 seconds between each exercise

I don’t have access to some of the suggested equipment, what should I do?

That’s fine, find an alternative exercise working the same intended muscle groups or find another piece of equipment that can be used to perform the exercise i.e. if you don’t have access to kettlebells opt to use dumbbells or weigh plates instead

I can’t perform pull ups, what can I do instead?

Pull ups are a very challenging exercise, there are plenty of other upper back exercises to perform instead e.g. lat pull down, dumbbell rows, machine rows etc

I’m finding it hard to achieve the desired sets and reps in the program, what can I do differently?

When starting a new program it takes time to find your starting weight. Once you have found a weight you can perform for the minimum amount of reps, keep using that weight and try to perform slightly more reps every workout

When is the best time to increase the weight?

Choose to increase the weight when you’re able to perform the maximum amount of the prescribed sets and reps required.