Muscle Gain Blueprint 


Gaining muscle is a long process that requires a lot of patience & dedication in getting the fundamentals right.


Below is my muscle gain blueprint that has been tried & tested & has worked wonders over the years for both myself & clients:


  1. Be in A Calorie Surplus: To build lean muscle, you need to create the right environment within your body. That means being in a calorie surplus daily, consuming more calories than you burn each day. To few calories & you will not grow muscle, to many calories & you will gain excess unwanted body fat. The goal should be, to consume the right number of calories specific to you, that allow your muscles to grow in both size & strength, whilst minimising fat gain.


  1. Frequent Muscle Stimulation: For a muscle to change & grow, it must be regularly stimulated/ trained by resistance, around 1-3 times per week over a prolonged period. For the average person who is wanting to improve both body composition & strength, I recommend performing 2-3 times full body strength-based workouts per week. The workouts centred around getting stronger at performing compound strength training exercises; squat, lunge, deadlift, push, pull. Ensuring you are working out with intensity & regularly taking each exercise close to muscular failure. And over time making sure you progressively overloading teach exercise or muscle groups; lifting more weight or performing more reps or sets.


  1. Prioritise Muscle Recovery: Most people fail to build muscle because they do not allow themselves enough time to rest & recover between workouts. When you strength train, you’re breaking down the body’s muscle fibres & for them to grown bigger & stronger, they need time to adapt to the training stimulus & recover. Making sure you are getting enough restorative sleep each night & scheduling in set rest days throughout the week, can dramatically boost your recoverability. I recommend getting between 6-8 hours of unbroken sleep per night & scheduling 2-3 rest days per week.


If you have found these tips useful, are serious about getting results & are looking for guidance along the way, get in touch today!