Quarantine Diet Tips


During these uncertain times it’s important to prioritise our mental & physical health as best as we possibly can. Creating new systems to help provide structure to our new daily routines. 

Firstly quarantine shouldn’t be an excuse to stop everything you’re doing, start eating crap & giving up on yourself. This is only going to take you further away from your fitness goals.

Quarantine should be used as an opportunity to prioritise your health & fitness more & develop new lifestyle habits & routines bringing you closer to achieving your goals.

I have listed below some tips to help inspire you get your nutrition back on track:

1- Stock up on nutritious foods: Aim to buy  3-4 sources from each of the major food groups; protein (chicken, eggs, fish, Greek yoghurt etc), carbs (pasta, bread, oats, quinoa etc), fat (red meat, nuts, nut spread, coconut oil etc) & while you’re at it stock up on some frozen veggies too.

2- Portion Control: I’m a big advocate of the plate method, consisting of 3 meals per day, breakfast, lunch & dinner. Fill your plate up with 1/3 protein, 1/3 starchy carbs & 2/3 non-starchy carbs. This will ensure you’re getting a good balanced amount of nutrition per meal. Simple yet extremely effective.

3- Set Meals: Having set meals throughout the day will give you structure to your nutrition, providing you with a constant supply of energy & will stop you from grazing & potentially over eating.

4- Batch Cook Meals: Batch cooking meals & dividing them into smaller portions to be stored in the fridge/ freezer is a great time efficient way of keeping your nutrition on track for the days ahead. Think casserole, pulled pork, homemade chilli & soups etc.

5- Suitable Snacks: If you’re hungry in between your main meals, aim to eat a food source high in protein; protein bar/ protein shake, boiled eggs, cottage cheese etc. Or if that that doesn’t tickle your fancy, have a piece of fruit instead. If you’re no hungry enough to eat an apple, then you’re not hungry.

Ultimately it’s down to you having structure with your nutrition & having the discipline to follow it through.