Losing weight IS NOT AS HARD as people like to make it out to be, providing you get the fundamentals RIGHT.


Below is my fat loss blueprint that has been tried & tested & has worked wonders over the years for clients:


  1. Be in A Calorie Deficit: For fat loss to occur you need to create the right environment within your body. That means being in a calorie deficit daily, burning more calories than you take in each day. To many calories & you’ll gain weight, to little & your weight won’t budge. The aim is to eat the right number of calories specific to you, to allow you to fuel your body with the right amount of energy to help burn body fat.


  1. Regular Weekly Exercise: Following an exercise routine you can consistently stick to over time is what gets results. Newbies to exercise often naively jump into an exercise regime with two feet & commit to a schedule that is to demanding for them to keep up long term, committing to 5-6 hours of working out per week. Resulting in them burning out after only a few weeks, finding themselves back at square one again. The aim is to find an exercise schedule that fits into your lifestyle & one you enjoy! Most people can achieve great results by working out just 3 hours per week!


  1. Get Your Steps In: Most office jobs involve you sitting for long periods of time throughout the day/week/year. You also need to make sure that you’re staying active & getting your steps in each day, especially on days you’re not working out. Doing so will help improve your health, self-esteem & will also speed up your fat loss results. A target of between 8000 to 10000 steps per day is enough to get the job done!


If you have found these tips useful & serious about getting results & are looking for a helping hand along the way, get in touch today!