The 3 Keys to Building Strength & Muscle


A lot of people like to over complicate things when it comes to growing stronger & building more muscle. For best results, you must train properly, get enough sleep/ recovery & make sure your nutrition is on point!

To help you on your muscle building quest, I would like to share with you the 3 keys to building strength & muscle:


  • 1. Frequency: How often you train a muscle group/ movement pattern is a key component when looking to get strong & jacked. For a muscle to grow it must be regularly stimulated by resistance, around 1-3 times per week over a long period of time to get results. I recommend picking a workout routine that fits into your lifestyle & sticking to that plan for at least 6-8 weeks to see if it is working for you or not.


  • 2. Intensity: If you want to get stronger & grow bigger muscles you must train with intensity. This requires you to work with close to maximum loads & placing a large amount of tension on each targeted muscle group. For a muscle to improve in both strength & in size, you must take that muscle group close to failure. For longevity, depending on the exercise, I recommend performing each exercise with perfect form, stopping 1-2 reps short of muscular failure for each set.


  • 3. Volume: If you want a muscle to change, you must make sure you’re performing enough total training volume on that muscle group. Volume is sets + reps + weight for example 3 sets + 5 reps + 100kg weight = 1500kg volume for that exercise/ muscle group. Your aim should be to gradually increase your training volume over time by either adding more weight or performing more reps or sets. The amount of volume required for a muscle group to progress will differ depending on the body part being trained & individual’s genetics etc. Weaker body parts need more training volume & stronger body parts need less.


I hope you have found this blog post useful & If you are looking for a structured training plan that has it all laid out for you, download my F/Strength plan today!