Barefoot Lifting


Ditch the shoes for more gainz!


Getting rid of your shoes will help you run faster, jump higher & lift heavier.


Stuffing your feet in shoes for 12 hours per day, 365 days per year will cause your foot muscles, tendons & ligaments of the feet to weaken causing arthritis, achilles tendonitis, bunions & pronation of the feet.


You will lose mobility in your foot because they’re not moving around on the ground like they’re supposed to.


The structure of your hands is almost identical to your feet, imagine if you stuffed your hands in thick gloves all day, you’d decrease your awareness & sensation of those limbs.


Your feet are the only body part that are in contact with the ground when performing most exercises; squatting, deadlifting, jumping, throwing etc.


They are covered in proprioceptors which are sensors that single to the brain about the body’s positioning & alignment.


When performing an exercise, you produce force through the feet & up the kinetic chain (nerves, spinal cord, brain) to perform movement. Wearing soft/ spongey thick soled shoes can inhibit force production & in time can lead to injury.


With your feet in contact with the floor it will allow for more muscle activation and bigger gains in your performance.


For health & safety & hygiene reasons many gyms won’t allow for bare feet training. Instead try wearing a flat sole trainer like a pair of converses or any other flat sole lifting shoe & feel the benefits for yourself!