Working-out When Travelling


Sticking to your exercise regime when travelling can be difficult but not impossible. If you are serious about your fitness goals, you will still make time to work out. Below are 5 tips to consider when travelling on business or holiday:


  1. Look Up Local Gyms: Before setting off on your travels, spend some time online researching local gyms in the area you’re staying at. You could also phone up & ask the hotel if there is a gym close by. Some gyms offer day passes or week passes at an affordable price. Or alternatively choose a hotel with a suitable gym.


  1. Hotel Room Workouts: If you’re unable to get to the gym when on the road, your hotel room will work just fine. For hotel room workouts all you really need is your body weight & a small amount of space to get a good sweat on. Performing a few bodyweight exercises; press us, squats, sit ups & burpees for high repetitions with short rest periods work well. You could also use your suitcase or rucksack as a weight for some exercises, to help get the job done!


  1. Exercise Bands & Suspension Trainers: To help intensify your hotel room workouts, I’d recommend packing 1-2 exercise bands & or a suspension trainer. These exercise tools are extremely easy to pack, they are light in weight & take up very little space in your luggage. Both pieces of equipment are extremely versatile allowing you to perform many challenging exercises; banded push ups, banded deadlifts, suspension rows, suspension split squats etc. all in the comfort of your hotel room.


  1. Try Out New Exercises: Instead of sticking to the same exercises you are used to doing, switch things up a little & try out exercises you wouldn’t normally preform or have access to back home. Doing so can help make your workouts more interesting & fun.


  1. Exercise Outside: Perhaps you are away somewhere hot & sunny, if so, choose to swap the 4 walls of the gym for the glorious outdoors. Changing the environment you work out in can provide additional health benefits & a different training stimulus. The extra vitamin D from the sun will do your skin & wellbeing wonders, along with the mixed terrain & outdoors obstacles will help keep your workouts challenging.