5 Tips for A Fit Christmas


Christmas night outs, family visits, epic meals & new year festivities can make it difficult to fit in your exercise & stay on track with your nutrition during the festive season.

Below are my 5 top tips to help keep your health & fitness in check:

1. Eating slowly & stopping when you feel “satisfied” instead of “stuffed” is a simple & effective tool to help curb your holiday eating. It takes 15-20 minutes for your digestive system to let your brain know that you’re satisfied. When you slow down & savour your food, you will feel more content with much less, meaning you will eat less & will enjoy your food more. Eating slowly will also allow you to try all the delicious foods on offer at granny’s buffet without guilt or the feeling of needing to “work it off later”.

2. Christmas is a time for giving, with many work places bringing in sweets & chocolates for all to share daily. Rather than eating a few quality streets/ celebrations try to hold off for something worth having. If a work colleague brings in a homemade chocolate cake on Friday, take a slice & enjoy it, without worrying about all the other indulgences you’ve had throughout the week.

3. December can be a mad rush, trying to fit in visits & catch ups with family & friends before Christmas. If you find yourself eating out a lot, don’t panic, enjoy it. Rather than starving yourself all day because you’re going out at night for dinner, try to eat healthy throughout the day, such as porridge for breakfast, a big green leafy chicken salad for lunch, a protein shake, fruit with yogurt or a handful of mixed nuts for healthy snacks. This will prevent you from craving everything on the menu & you will be able to enjoy your meal knowing you made good healthy food choices earlier in the day.

4. As Christmas draws in closer many people will skip their planned workouts for “that last bit of Christmas shopping” or “after work Christmas drinks”. So rather than skipping your workout, aim to get your exercise in before work or even at lunch time. If you miss a workout don’t let that put you off for the rest of the week, simply make time to exercise the next day.

5. If you regularly workout for 1-hour multiple times per week, however due to the busyness of the festive period you are struggling to find time to exercise. To avoid “falling off the wagon” for the rest of the year & undoing all your hard work, try reducing the duration of your workouts to just 30 minutes. During this time focus on the quality of work performed rather than the quantity of time spent working out. Performing body weight exercises at home is a great way to fit in your exercise when pressed for time. Pick 4x body weight exercises; squats, press ups, plank, burpees & perform each movement for 40s of work with 20s of rest, rest for 60s & repeat for 5 rounds for a quick & effective 25-30-minute workout. It may also be worthwhile booking a one-off appointment with a personal trainer who can prescribe a suitable workout for you to perform. Something is better than nothing & the key to success is consistency.

I truly believe the above tips will serve you well. Be mindful of your health & fitness goals & remember to enjoy yourself, it is Christmas after all!