2 Days Rest Rule


When was the last time you had 2 days off from exercise?

Through my experience, many gym goers do not factor in rest & recovery time into their workout schedules & as a result they either plateau, get injured or become demotivated by their lack of results.

This I why I am a huge advocate of scheduling in 2 days of complete rest into your weekly regime, no matter what!

That includes 2 days off training, 2 days off any supplements & 2 days off your diet.

Training: Time away from exercising can work wonders for both your brain & your body. This time can be spent on other fun activities you enjoy; football, basketball, cycling etc. It also allows time to improve flexibility, muscle tissue quality, mobility, all of which can help enhance your quality of life & boost your performance & results in the gym.

Supplements: Stopping nutritional supplements; protein powder, creatine, fish oils etc. for a short period of time can be super beneficial for your body. After a few days of taking a nutritional supplement, the bodies chemistry changes & over time the effects of the supplement are minimised. Therefore, I recommend after 2-3 months of taking a supplement, you should stop for 2 days, so you’re able to get maximum benefits again.

Diet: Ditching your diet for 2 days will help you achieve long lasting results. Most people go too hard on themselves, eliminating food groups, foods they enjoy & restricting themselves to only consuming a small amount of calories per day. This approach to nutrition never works! Instead Choose to eat well for 5 days & for the next 2 days eat good for 3 out of 4 your meals. Allow yourself those ‘care free’ meals to enjoy life.

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