Rest & Recovery for More Gainz!


Following a rigorous exercise routine that requires you to workout 3-5 times per week; weight training, sprinting, high intensity circuit style training etc. can be extremely taxing on the body’s central nervous system (CNS; brain & spinal cord). Therefore, if you are serious about getting results; growing stronger, building muscle, burning body fat & improving overall performance, rest days are a MUST!

Rest is where adaptation to training takes place. Planned rest days allow time for the body’s CNS & muscle fibres to fully recovery, recharge & grow stronger in time for the next workout. I recommend to all my clients to take at least 2 full rest days off per week.

Rest days can also be used as active recovery days, these days are lower in intensity to aid recovery. Time can be spent improving mobility & tissue quality performing foam rolling, mobility stretches to ease muscle/joint tightness/pain. Doing so will boost performance in the gym/field & will enhance your quality of life.

I recommend performing 10-15 minutes of soft tissue work on rest days, working on 2 to 3 muscle groups at one time, foam rolling each site for 2-3 minutes, followed by 2-3 minutes of corrective stretches. Compound over time you will see & feel a huge difference in both posture & performance. Your body will thank you for it!

Additional cardio training can also be performed on active recovery days, in the form of LISS (low intensity steady state); walking, jogging, swimming etc. or HITT (high intensity interval training); sprinting, weightlifting, circuit training etc.

LISS is low in intensity, utilising fat as the body’s main energy source, placing minimum stress on the joints, muscles & CNS, helping the recovery process. HITT is high in intensity, burning muscle glycogen for energy. This style of training could potentially interfere with recovery, however done sensibly can still be beneficial.

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