The F12 Plan – Client Review

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The F12 Plan – Client Review

“The purpose of this blog is to log my progress through a 12-week “shred” programme designed by Flex Fitness called the F12 in the hope that my journey will help others who are not happy with how their current lifestyle impacts their health, confidence and feeling of self-worth. I am also hoping that by ,making my progress and experience public it will encourage me to work harder and remain motivated.

People close to me have encouraged me to write this blog as they say they would love to try weight (resistance) training but feel too intimidated and self-conscious to do so and think my experience would encourage them to try it. If I can inspire just one person to face their fears and make a change then this blog will have been a success.

About Me

I am 26, female and my passion for fitness and nutrition started when I was 19. I was heavily overweight and chose to join a 10 week boot-camp in order to shed the fat and feel better about myself. It was an intense 10-weeks but paid off as I dropped 10kg and two dress sizes and have never looked back. My weight has fluctuated during different training styles and life events, but I have always maintained my new dress size.

During my boot-camp time I met an incredible young woman who was training for a marathon and, after much persuasion, convinced me to sign up for the half. We trained together for years and she introduced me to some other incredible people who made long-distance running look like a walk in the park. Thanks to these people I can now say I have completed 4 half-marathons, 5 10k’s races and endless 5k’s, getting PB’s every time! After growing bored of running and struggling with contant injuries from running I turned to strength training and hill walking which lead me to summiting the top of Mount Kilimanjaro and trekking to the base camp of Mount Everest.

In the last 18 months, I have struggled to maintain my usually strict routine due to unforeseen life events and adapting to a new work role that was very demanding on my body physically which is why I turned to my friend and fitness expert Gordon Hunter and was put on the F12 programme.

About Flex Fitness and The F12 Programme

I have trained with Flex Fitness founder Gordon Hunter since I was 19 and attending boot camp. He has coached me, motivated me and, when necessary, kicked my ass back into gear when I’ve needed that extra push. During every challenge, whether it was half-marathon training, concurring mountains or recovering from injuries, he has been my go-to person for help. Below is a link for the Flex Fitness website that gives more details about Gordy and the qualifications he has obtained over the years.

The F12 programme is made up of 3 four-week cycles and includes exercise diagrams, nutrition advice and an FAQ section for beginners who are less confident when it comes to these styles of workouts. The programme is designed to help lose fat weight while sculpting lean muscle mass to improve the shape of your body. I am currently entering week 4 of the programme (which is the last week of phase one) so will be due a progress update by the end of this week. This blog will follow this progress and include discussions about my fitness journey.”

– F12 Plan Client
Please note that I am not a qualified fitness expert, and everything is based on my own experience, research and opinions.