The F12 Plan – Client Review – Part 2


Phase One Complete

Today was my final workout of Phase one and tomorrow I have my first progress meeting with Gordy ahead of starting Phase Two Sunday evening. Speaking honestly, I am quite nervous of the results as I know that I have let myself down with my eating habits. Thankfully, I have never missed a workout, so I am hoping this makes up for it.

Each phase last 4 weeks and each workout is designed to work the whole body as this burns more calories than focusing on one area per workout. Each week is made up of 5 workouts – 3 resistance (weights/strength) and two conditioning (high intensity intervals). Phase one focuses on muscle endurance, therefore the resistance workouts focused on more reps and less rest.

For the last 4 weeks I have completed the same resistance workout 3 times a week, each time increasing either the weight or the reps. For example, on the first workout I was squatting 40kg (the bar + 20kg) for 15 reps each set as I knew it was a weight I could manage. Because I was hitting the maximum reps each set, I increased the weight on the next workout to a harder weight. Each time I achieved the maximum reps in any exercise I would make a note in my training diary to increase my weight at the next workout. Tonight, I squatted 15 reps at 52.5kg for all three sets. That means in just 12 workouts, I have increased my weight by 12.5kg. Not too bad if I say so myself 😀

Challenges & Frustrations

The main challenge I have faced is completing the interval training. Due to my work routine I have only been able to make it to the gym in the evening when it is at its busiest therefore making it difficult to complete some of the workouts that are part of the programme. To combat this, I have been attending Les Mills GRIT classes across various Xcite venues to ensure there was someone there to push me to my limit and beyond. It is the only gym class (outside of Flex Fitness) that I would recommend as it only last 30 minutes, but you work the hardest you ever will for those 30 minutes. After a GRIT class it takes my face roughly 3 hours to return to its natural colour of ”Casper White”.

The muscle group I absolutely hate training are my shoulders. The first exercise in every resistance workout of Phase one has been a standing shoulder press. My shoulders are so weak that I couldn’t even complete the minimum reps on my first workout and every workout since I have had to turn the last set into a push press (using my legs to help push the bar up) just to complete the exercise. It is quite a difficult start to the workout, but I push through knowing that each week, although the weight I use has changed, I am gradually relying on my legs less and less for help.

My Top Tips for Phase One

  • Grin and BEAR IT!!: For the entire first week your body is going to be in agony because you have been tearing your muscle fibres in a way they are not used to. Push through every workout no matter the pain, lower your weights if you have to but never miss a workout because by week 2 your body will have adjusted and you will be proud of yourself for not giving up!
  • Take baby steps: if you continually take small steps each workout, at the end of the 4 weeks you will be surprised how big a difference you’ve made.
  • Celebrate your achievements:you may only do one extra rep in a whole workout but that is one better than before and is worth a pat on the back.