5 Tips For Rapid Fat Loss

5 Tips For Rapid Fat Loss

5 Tips For Rapid Fat Loss

During my 10 years of working in the fitness industry, I can confidently say fat loss is the most popular fitness goal for those who exercise. It’s apparent most people would like to lose a few unwanted pounds to feel healthier, leaner and more confident in their own skin.

To help you on your fitness journey, I’d like to share with you my tried and tested 5 tips for rapid fat loss.

1. Whole Body Workouts: These workouts give you the most bang buck. Pick 5 moves that work the whole body, alternate between these exercises in circuit format, repeat for 10,20,30 minutes depending on fitness and time schedule.

2. Set A Step Goal: Keep active outside of the gym and set yourself a goal of achieving 8000 or 10000 steps per day. Choose to go out for a stroll at lunch, take the stairs at work, walk the kids to and from school and get your steps in for the day!

3. Fuel Up On Protein: Aim to eat 1-2 palm sized portion of protein with each main meal; chicken, turkey, beef, fish, eggs, quorn, tofu etc. This will enhance your recover time and will allow your muscles to grow stronger in time for the next workout.

4. Double Your Veggies: Aim to eat 1-2 fist sized portions of veggies with each main meal. Doing so will help boost the body’s immune system, keeping you fighting fit and full between meals.

5. Get More Sleep: Burn more body fat by simply getting to bed earlier. Shoot for 7-8 hours of sleep each night, this will improve overall stress levels, helping regulate and maintain normal hormone levels in the body and it will also stop you from snacking late at night.

For more information on meal plans and training download the F12 Fitness Plan today.