5 Tips for Instant Muscle Growth

5 Tips For Instant Muscle Growth

5 Tips for Instant Muscle Growth

A close second to fat loss, one of the most popular fitness goals, especially in males is muscle growth. It is apparent most people would like to improve their body composition by “bulking up their shoulders, chest & arms” or “toning up their bingo wings” to feel better and more confident about their physical appearance.

To help you on your muscle building quest, I would like to share with you my 5 tips for instant muscle growth.

1. Full Body Workouts: These workouts are a great for building muscle. Pick 6-8 moves (push, pull, overhead push, knee bend, hip hinge, rotation, arm bend, arm extension) that work the whole body, perform straight sets of 3 sets of 6-15 reps, resting 1-2 mins between rounds.

2. Progressive Overload: Build muscle faster by pushing yourself harder during each workout. Choose to lift more weight, push for more reps or decrease the time you rest between sets to progressively overload the body to build new muscle tissue.

3. Log Your Workouts: Aim to log each workout by writing down the exercises you performed, weight lifted, time rested etc. Doing so will help you progress faster with your training, resulting in you becoming stronger and building more muscle quicker.

4. Prioritise Protein: Aim to eat an adequate amount of protein throughout the day. Males 2 palm, females 1 palm sized portion of protein per meal/ snack; red meat, white meat, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, protein bars, protein shakes etc. This will help promote the growth of new muscle tissue and will support recovery between workouts.

5. Rest & Recover: Gain more muscle by staying out of the gym. For a muscle to grow bigger & stronger, you first must break down the muscle fibres by resistance training (body weight, fixed weights, free weights) and then allow time for the muscles fibres to rebuild and repair in time for the next workout. Aim to schedule in 2 to 3 rest days per week to allow your body to fully rest and recover to maximise your muscle building potential.

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