Beating the Christmas Bulge

Beating the Christmas Bulge

Beating the Christmas Bulge

It’s important to remember Christmas is only one day out of the year and therefore should not get in the way of you achieving your fitness goals.

I love Christmas and I’m all for letting my hair down, spending time with family and enjoying some festive goodies, in moderation of course.

Most people approach the busy festive period with the mentality of stopping exercising and accepting weight gain as part and parcel to the time of year.

“I’m too busy to work out for 1 hour a day”


“There is too much chocolate and sweets about the house”


“It’s too cold and dark at night to go to the gym”.

All the above might be true, however adopting this mindset could potentially diminish all your hard-earned progress made thus far, setting you further back from your goals, making it harder to get started again come the 1st January.

Therefore, I practice & I preach living a healthy lifestyle through regular exercise and good nutritional habits 365 days of the year.

Instead of working out for an hour 3x per week, commit to working out just 30 mins instead.

Ask your partner to “hide” the unwanted chocolate and sweets or choose to donate them to your local food bank.

Invest in a kettlebell or some handheld weights & perform your workouts in the warm comfort of your home.

My advice for anyone who is serious about improving their body composition, fitness, health and wellbeing is to simply approach the coming winter months like any other time of the year. Get active most days, consume most of your nutrition from real foods and do things you enjoy in life with the people you love.