21-Day Beginner Bootcamp Program

21-Day Beginner Bootcamp Program

The 21-day beginner boot camp program is designed to kick you into shape from a couch potato to a superhero and will help prep your body for higher intensity training to come.

The program can be performed as a standalone exercise routine or as additional exercise alongside personal training or fitness classes.

You will repeat a 7-day workout schedule for 3 straight weeks with the weekly progressions listed below.

It uses minimum space and minimum equipment and you can perform it right in your living room if you like. All you need is a kettlebell, space and DESIRE!

Training Split:

There are 7 daily workouts you will perform over the course of 21 days:

Mon- Workout A
Tue- 30-60 min power walk (outside or treadmill)
Wed- Workout B
Thu- 30-60 min power walk
Fri- Workout C
Sat- 30-60 min power walk
Sun- 30-60 min Power walk

Workout A:
1. Press Up
2. Goblet Squat
3. Single Arm Row R&L
4. KB Swing
6. Plank

Workout B:
1. Kneeling Press
2. Single Up 2 Balance
3. Pullover
4. Single Arm Swing
5. Reverse Plank

Workout C:
1. Decline Press
2. Bulgarian Split Squat
3. Squeeze Row
4. Alt Swing
5. Kettlebell taps

Weekly Progression:
Week1- 30s of work 30s rest 5 rounds
Week2- 40s of work 20s rest 5 rounds
Week3- 50s of work 10s rest 5 rounds

Weight Recommendations:
Males- 8 to 10kg
Females- 4 to 6kg

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Preform daily mobility (stretching & foam rolling) for 10-15 minutes on 2-3 tight muscle groups alongside this program for best results. Perform it pre or post workout or before bed to help maximise recovery.