How To Lose Weight By Walking More.

How to Lose Weight by Walking

How To Lose Weight By Walking More


One question I get asked a lot is, what is the best way to start losing weight & get fit?

Look down, the answer is right in front of you…your feet!

Just getting out & walking more and putting one foot in front of each other is sometimes all you need to do to dramatically improve your health & wellbeing.

Walking between 8000 to 15000 steps extra a day (2 to 3 20 minute walks per day) is a simply yet very effective way to boost your fitness levels, burn more additional calories & is great starting point for beginners.

Walking more per day can also dramatically reduce your stress levels and less stress = easier weight loss.

Here are my 5 tips to walk more:

  1. Walk instead of taking the car
  2. Kids school run: park the further from the school
  3. Walk around the shops instead of shopping online
  4. Take the stairs instead of the lift/ elevator
  5. After lunch go for a walk 15-20 minute walk outside

Overtime time the little bursts of movement really do add up and make a huge difference.

If your only form of exercise is low intensity long distance walking to lose weight then you need to make sure your nutrition is in check.

Everyone’s exact nutritional needs are different, taking many different factors into account. However, most females walking to lose weight normally follow a 1200-1600 calorie diet, males 1600 to 2000 calorie diet rich in protein; chicken, turkey, red meat, fish, soft cheese, tofu, eggs, nuts, protein bars/shakes etc.

If you want to lose weight you must make sure you’re burning more calories than your consuming per day. So even though you’re increasing your activity levels you will still need to decrease your calorie intake.