How To Succeed This Summer.

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How To Succeed this Summer 

Getting fit for your holiday holidays is one of the biggest reasons why people decide to take on the gym. Understandably, as everyone wants to feel and look good in their best swim wear next to the pool / beach. So, in this blog post, I’m going to take you through some key points to consider before getting shredded this summer.



Give yourself enough. This unfortunately is one currency in the world that once lost we cannot get back. So, start earlier, in fact, I dare you to start right now!

The longer we give ourselves to diet down, the more room for error we leave, the less time restricted we feel, the bigger the change we can elicit.



6-8 weeks to lose- 14lbs (1.7-2.3 lbs per week)


12 weeks to lose- 14lbs (1.2lbs per week)


Both targets are achievable, however allowing for extra time, will allow for more wiggle room, making your goal more achievable.

If you limit yourself to only 6-8 weeks, time isn’t on our side. You may encounter setbacks, decreasing your motivation and willingness to carry on. However, with time on your side, you will be more likely to succeed.

One thing to note, never take this extra time for granted! Give yourself 12 weeks, train and act like you have 4!


Keep a Record!

This is a big one. It is all well and good going to the gym and getting started, I love that! In fact, if you haven’t started already, then stop reading and get your ass down to the gym and finish reading this blog when you’re back home resting.

You want to make sure you have a plan to follow. Recording your progression is important, it will help gives you both a physical & mental boost. Knowing week on week you are getting stronger, lifting more weight for more reps, will fire you up!

Things to write down and track:

  • Exercises
  • Sets and Reps
  • Weight
  • Progress Pictures
  • Track your Weight

These are all areas we want to keep track of and will allow us to see improvements in performance and if we are getting closer to our goal.



Be accountable to someone and create a support network around you, tell people at your work, tell your friends, your family, tell Facebook! The reason this is important, is because when times get tough, which at some point they will, being accountable to someone else will help keep you from throwing in the towel. The thought of someone else knowing you have given up, is sure to stop you in your tracks and make you realise that you aren’t going to let that happen.

Find a friend or a group of friends who are also willing to make some positive changes in their lives, help each other:

  • Create Messaging Groups
  • Check- In with each other every single day
  • Train Together
  • Send Pictures of your food to each other

Be there for one another and most importantly, don’t let them slip! Because if you do, you will be inclined to follow.

Support, Grow and Dominate this Summer.



A lot of people will only track their progress on the bathroom scales. However, the scales don’t always tell the full truth of the tale.

Take my Client Abbie for instance, in 4 weeks she dropped 5lbs (-1lb per week is good weight loss) however she managed to lose massive 12.5 inches from her full body measurements. Had we not tracked this, she may have let her expectation of losing more weight than she did, get her down. When in fact she had made tremendous progress.

There are many other ways we can track our progress to validate what we are doing is working:

  • Scale Weight
  • Body Girth Measurements
  • Progress Photos
  • Training Diaries (If you’re getting stronger, your making progress)
  • Clothing Sizes

Remember, 5 measurements of progress are better than 1.



To summarize, to succeed this summer make sure you:

  • Give yourself enough time & start earlier
  • Keep a log of your training
  • Create support network around you
  • Use more than one method to track progress


Blair Johnston – Flex Fitness Personal Trainer