How To Achieve The Body Of Your Dreams.

how to achieve the body of your dreams1

What if I told you, you can achieve the body of your dreams by eating the foods you enjoy?!

You’d think I’m crazy right?! WRONG!…Ok maybe a little.

When it comes to nutrition there is a lot of BS out there. You read one thing one minute and then five minutes later you read something else, that contradicts what you’ve just read.

All too often, you’re forced to believe that to achieve your fitness goals you must only eat “clean” foods; chicken, broccoli, rice etc and avoid eating “bad” foods; bread, sweets or chocolate etc.

Thankfully this is NOT TRUE!

The key to nutrition success is MODERATION!

Eating a diet including a wide variety of wholesome minimally processed foods along with foods you enjoy factored in when appropriate.

The problem being, the word moderation isn’t sexy and when people hear it they switch off.

People are more attracted to the sexier more extreme sounding nutritional approaches; juice detoxes or toxic cleanses. All resulting in you eliminating the foods you enjoy and feeling miserable whilst trying to loose body fat….sounds great right?!

When looking to achieve sustainable results, food elimination is not the way forward.
When you eliminate foods you enjoy from your diet completely, your urge for those foods significantly increases. This eventually leads to you bingeing, diminishing your results, creating an unhealthy/ negative relationship with food and before you know it, you’re back to where you started.

It’s like having a big red button placed in front of you, which says DO NOT PRESS!

….What do you want to?….You want to press it!

You have the same emotional triggers when it comes to the foods you enjoy.
What if I told you, from this day on and for the rest of your life, you cannot eat a single bit of chocolate!

….What food do you now want?….Chocolate, that’s right!

Therefore when it comes to nutrition, I am a HUGE advocate of moderation.
I practice and I preach the 80:20 rule to all my coaching clients; 80% of nutrition from healthy nutritious foods and 20% from less nutritious foods. This ensures your body is getting the right amount of nutrients it needs to function properly and will also encourage a positive relationship with foods, helping you sustain your results.

I don’t just talk a good game, I also practice what I preach!

I am currently carrying out an experiment on myself called – A Chocolate A Day Experiment, where I aim to eat 1x chocolate bar every single day for 8 weeks straight whilst losing body fat.

The purpose behind this experiment is to help educate client, friends, followers etc. on nutrition and moderation to achieve their fitness goals.

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