Full Body Workouts.

Hi Flexers, welcome to another monthly blog post by yours truly. This month’s blog is about the benefits of full body workouts.

There are a hundred and one different ways to workout and get in great shape.
And for most individuals wanting to improve their body composition and fitness levels, full body workouts are the way forward.

Full body workouts boast a number of physiological training benefits:

1. Greater calorie burn per workout: Due to the large amount of muscle mass being taxed with every training session, full body workouts burn more calories per session. This means you can avoid your starvation diets.

2. Increases fitness levels: The increased intensity of full body resistance training has also been known to increase aerobic and anaerobic fitness. Meaning you can skip your next cardio session if you want.

3. Increases lean muscle mass: The increased frequency of training each muscle group multiple times per week will insure each muscle is getting the right amount of stimulus to grow.

4. Promotes muscular balance: Whole Body workouts allow for balance and symmetry across the entire body. This can be useful when trying to improve weaker, less developed areas of the body.

5. Strengths all major ligaments and tendons: This ensures the body’s skeletal system is physically stronger to handle heavier weight/load in future training cycles.

Who would benefit from full body workouts?

There is a misconception that such routines are only for beginners and people who only want to “tone” and achieve the “fitness look”. When in reality, recreational gym goers, competitive bodybuilders and sporting athletes would all benefit from following a well-structured full body workout training program.

How to structure a full body workout?

You want to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck when in the gym. This means performing exercises that are physically demanding, working multiple muscle groups in one go, allow you to get stronger over time and replicate functional movement patterns:

– A bend/ squat
– A hip hinge/ stiff legged deadlift
– A horizontal/ barbell bench press
– A vertical push/ barbell standing shoulder press
– A horizontal pull/ barbell rows
– A vertical pull/ lat pull down
– A single leg movement/ dumbbell split squats
– A torso twist/ barbell landmine twist

How often per week?

If you’re new to weight training, I would recommend you start off with 2-3x resistance training sessions per week.

If you are no stranger to the gym, have 1-5 years training experience, then I would recommend performing between 3-4x full body resistance sessions per week.

Due to the high frequency and intense nature of full body workouts, you will also need to factor in “rest days” into your weekly regime. This will allow you to recover in time for the next grueling session.

How long should each workout last?

If your goal is to get strong and build a good looking body, then I recommend spending no longer than 1 to 1.5 hours’ max in the gym at one time.

This will allow you to maintain a high performance with heavier loads.

If you like the idea of full body workouts and are looking for a plan to get you started, I recommend downloading my F12 plan. The F12 is ideal for beginner and intermediate trainers looking to drop body fat and build a strong, lean, and healthy looking body.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog, if you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me on [email protected]