The Prowler Sled.

Intro/What is it?

So this month’s Flex Fitness blog is all about what they call ‘The Prowler!’ sounds menacing right? Well you would be correct to think this.

The Prowler is a weight loaded metal sled, used to perform conditioning type exercises. It can be incorporated into your weekly exercise regime via circuit training, strength and conditioning style sessions or even to an entire session focused around the bad boy himself!

What can it be used for?

So what use is the Prowler to us? And what benefit can we get from running ourselves into the ground with this piece of kit?
Apart from an outrageous quad burn, there are many benefits you can get from incorporating some prowler work into your training.

The prowler can be used to help improve multiple aspects and components of fitness; cardiovascular fitness, speed, endurance, strength and even muscle hypertrophy (muscle building)

To improve strength and muscle hypertrophy, the focus should be on the load being used, adding a little more weight and or performing 1-2 repetitions more each workout.
Break the work down to a similar lay out to when preforming Squats and perform 4 sets of 5 Lengths. This can be done after performing any of the main lifts i.e. squat, bench press, deadlift, OHP etc.

For Endurance, incorporating the sled into a circuit or by adding in higher volume work would tap into muscular endurance and cardio vascular fitness. Something along the lines of a ladder set could be used here; sled runs partnered with another exercise like ab slams with a slam ball, starting with 10 Sled runs,2 ab slams, continually working your way down the ladder to 2x sled runs and 10x ab slams.

How to incorporate into to training routine

When adding the prowler into your training plan, there are a million different ways to do so.

It can be used as an exercise in a strength and conditioning circuit or as the “finisher” exercise on a leg day. The prowler can also be used as an accessory exercise, in a similar fashion to dumbbells.

Challenges to try?

2 Challenges to test you.

Prowler Challenge #1
(This challenge is best carried out over 4 weeks, 1 sessions per week)
-Load the Prowler with weight equalling your current body weight.
-Now it is time to see how fast you can complete 10 rounds of 2 lengths. Breaks can be taken when you want and for how long you feel you need.
-Note down your time, this is the bench mark to beat for week 2. The aim of the challenge is to get the quickest time possible.

Challenge Tip- Pace yourself, don’t go all out too fast, otherwise that latter rounds will be harder and longer rest will be needed.

Prowler Challenge #2
10 minute Push Pull
– Load the Prowler With your current body weight
– Attach a length of rope (Thin tug of war style) to one end of the prowler.
– Sitting at the opposite end of the track, you will use alternate arms to pull in the prowler, once the prowler has been reeled in, stand up and push the prowler back to the start.
– Repeat as many times as possible in 10 mins.

Challenge Tip – Again similar to the first challenge, pace yourself, also use something like a sand bag to place your feet against whilst pulling the prowler.


The prowler is a very versatile piece of kit and can be incorporated in to any type of training. There is so much you can do with the prowler the list is endless.

One thing you can guarantee, is that if you tackle this guy, he will bite back!

However, the feeling of a post prowler session is one of relief and satisfaction, so Get involved!