Resistance Training for Women.

This month’s blog is on resistance training for women and how lifting weights can help you reach your goals faster.

During my time spent working in the fitness industry (9 years), I have worked and helped many female clients transform their bodies and achieve their fitness goals.

The majority of females I coach come to me with the same objectives:

1 – Lose Weight
2 – Tone Up

Both of which are excellent goals and can be achieved after a few months of regular training and good nutrition.

My experience has taught me; most people aren’t performing the right type of training associated to their fitness goals.

Their weekly exercise routine normally consists of endless amounts of cardio and no resistance training at all. Often resulting in very little to no change in their body shape.

The Myth of Resistance Training:

Most females opt to stay clear of lifting weights in fear it will make them look “bulky” and “manly”. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Yes, lifting weights builds muscle but not to the extent most females fear. And this is largely down to the simple fact that the female body doesn’t produce enough testosterone compared to males.

The human body is made up of two different types of sex hormones, eastrogen and testosterone.

Eastrogen is the main female steroid sex hormone that promotes the development and maintenance characteristics of the female body.

Testosterone is the main male steroid sex hormone that is responsible for muscle growth and the development and maintenance of the male body.

Females naturally produce more eastrogen than males and males produce more testosterone than females.

Fear Less Train More Ladies!

The Benefits of Resistance Training:

Resistance training provides multiple benefits to all aspects of fitness. And in my opinion, everyone regardless of their fitness goal should be performing some form of regular weight training per week.

If your main goal is to lose weight and “tone up” and to improve your overall body composition, then resistance training should make up the majority of your weekly exercise regime.

It is common knowledge resistance training builds muscle and strength. However, people are less aware of the fat burning benefits associated with growing new muscle tissue.

New muscle tissue is referred to as “live tissue” and like most living things it requires energy to stay alive. The body adapts to its new energy demands and expends more calories at rest resulting in increased fat loss.

Physiological benefits of resistance training:

1. Enhances muscle shape and size
2. Increases bone density
3. Prevents the onset of osteoporosis and arthritis
4. Increases ligaments and tendon strength
5. Elevates Resting Metabolic Rate/ RMR
6. Enhances fat loss
7. Improves power
8. Improves strength
9. Improves muscular endurance
10. Increases sports performance

Why would you not lift weights right?!

Types of Resistance Training:

There are many forms of resistance training, all of which provide multiple training benefits:

1- Bodyweight exercises i.e. press ups and pull ups
2- Free weights i.e. barbells and dumbbells
3- Fixed weights machines
4- Kettlebells
5- Resistance bands….. and more!

I personally prefer to train my clients using a variety of bodyweight and weight training equipment, this allows them to become stronger in multiple areas resistance at one time.

Training Frequency Recommendations:

Training frequency ultimately depends on the individual’s overall goal and training experience.

Females who are new to weightlifting can make really good progress performing 2-3 whole body resistance training sessions per week.

More advanced female trainees may need to up their training frequency to 4-5 whole body or body part split sessions per week, in order to keep progressing.

I recommend finding a training frequency that allows you to progress and one you can adhere to.
My passion for resistance training and helping women transform their physiques goes way beyond the scope of this blog.

I have recently released the F12 – 12 Week Shred, which is a 12-week fat loss plan and is now available to download from my website

I also run a successful women’s weightlifting class at my gym in Linlithgow, every Thursday evening 7-8pm.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, hopefully I have helped inspire you to pick up a barbell and start lifting for your goals!